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Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Trees in 2023

Are you looking to add a little light to your backyard, patio, or outdoor space? Solar lights have become a …

Are you looking to add a little light to your backyard, patio, or outdoor space? Solar lights have become a go-to for homeowners looking to improve the lighting outside of their house. Whether you are looking to string lights on your outdoor trees, landscaping, or deck rail, there is certainly a solar light solution for you.

Solar lights for trees add significant ambiance to any outdoor space. The best part is that they’re affordable, environmentally friendly, and incredibly effective.

In this article, we’ll be covering all there is to know about outdoor solar lights for trees. We’ll go over why you should get them, how to know which ones are right for you, and the best options for solar lights currently on the market – including the best outdoor solar lights for trees!

Why you should get outdoor solar lights

Outdoor solar lights provide home and business owners with a number of practical solutions for outdoor lighting needs. Looking to create a more friendly outdoor environment? How about a cost-effective and efficient lighting solution? Whatever your needs are, outdoor solar lights have got your back!

best outdoor solar lights for trees

Outdoor solar lights are affordable

Considering how popular solar lights have become in recent years, consumers have access to a wide array of products, most of which come at an affordable price. Outdoor solar lights have become a popular option for consumers, not just because of how much you’ll save at checkout, but also for how much you’ll save down the line.

Outdoor lighting can get complicated fast for consumers looking to fix them with traditional solutions. As many homeowners may not have power around the trees and other landscaping they want illuminated, traditional plug-in lights aren’t usually an option. Similarly, it wouldn’t make sense to run power to the far reaching stretches of your yard just to shine a few bright lights on your favorite trees.

What’s great about outdoor solar lights is that they don’t require a power source! As they are powered by at least one solar panel, their light output is only dependent on exposure to direct sunlight. Once they are up and running, it would only take a few uses for your outdoor solar lights to pay for themselves.

Outdoor solar lights are low maintenance and convenient

Another thing that sets outdoor solar lights apart from other outdoor lighting solutions is the convenience factor. Solar lights are easy to install and even easier to operate. Once they are installed, there is virtually no maintenance throughout the lifetime of the lights. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen to install solar spotlights, path lights, fairy lights, or any other lighting arrangement, because all solar lights come equipped with LED bulbs. This helps to guarantee your solar lights efficiency throughout their extended lifetime.

Additionally, most outdoor solar lights come outfitted with a menu of different lighting options. This will allow you to set motion sensor standards and timers to fully customize your outdoor lighting situation.

Outdoor solar lights conserve energy

Considering that most outdoor solar lights come ready to go with motion sensor technology and highly efficient LED lights, there is no denying their ability to conserve energy. Solar lights are a fantastic solution for almost any outdoor space, not just because they have low impact on the environment, but also low impact on your wallet! They provide a great way for homeowners to limit their carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

Looking to find out more about energy conservation in your home? Take a look at our energy cost calculator to see how much you’re spending on home appliances.

Outdoor solar lights create incredible outdoor ambiance and atmosphere

Finally, we come to what might be the most appealing reason to have outdoor solar lights – because they look absolutely incredible! The bright light produced by your outdoor solar lights can make for a brilliant backyard atmosphere. Path lights are capable of lighting up any walkway and string lights hung on railings and trees will illuminate even the darkest night. If you’ve been struggling to find the thing to make your outdoor space pop, solar lights might be exactly what you are looking for!

How to figure out which outdoor solar lights are for you

When considering which outdoor solar lights to purchase for your outdoor space, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Quality and weatherproofing

If you plan on putting up string lights in the trees in your yard, you’ll want to make sure they’re made of a durable enough material to handle any wind, rain, sleet or snow that may come their way. To check all your quality boxes, make sure your outdoor solar lights are rated to be waterproof. Additionally, it’s also recommended that your solar lights be constructed with high quality outer material – either PVC tubing, ABS steel, or comparable material.

Solar panel setup

When it comes to the solar panel attached to your solar lights, nearly all manufacturers will provide panels that are designed to be attached to stakes. In this way, you can expect to plant each solar panel in the ground, similar to what you would do for path lights.

While there isn’t a lot you can do to get around this (besides installing separate solar panels yourself), you will want to make sure the solar panels that come with your lights fit all your needs. You’ll want to check the power output for the solar panels and ensure that output will cover all your outdoor solar lighting requirements. Similarly, you’ll want to ensure you have a place in your yard capable of hosting the solar panels. All solar panels – no matter what their application is – will require direct sunlight throughout the day.

Out best recommendations for outdoor solar light solutions

1.  200 LED 72FT Solar String Lights Outdoor Waterproof – from Selarlyt

These solar string lights – which come in a 2-pack – are ideal for any tree, shrub, or railing lighting need. They come in a variety of different colors, all of which can be dimmed or brightened across 8 different lighting modes.

All parts, including lights and solar panel, are built with IP65 waterproof material. The manufacturer guarantees your solar string lights will hold up under any amount of rain, snow, or sleet. They are rated for 10-12 hours of constant lighting after only 4-6 hours of charging time in direct sunlight. Check price

Best features

  • ‘String lights’ style makes for easy installation – similar to standard Christmas lights
  • Built-in memory chip for all adjustable settings
  • Cost-effective for length of lights (nearly 150 ft total)

2. Solar Rope Light 33FT Copper Fairy String Tube – from Honche

These tube fairy lights from Honche provide a practical solution for many outdoor lighting needs. As they’re encapsulated in a waterproof PVC tube, they can be configured to fit around any object. This style of solar lights work especially well when wrapped around the trunks of trees, deck posts, or exposed outdoor beams.

Like our last option, these lights offer 8 different light settings to ensure all your different outdoor atmosphere requirements are covered. They are rated for 8-12 hours of continuous use if left to charge throughout the day. Check price

Best features

  • 19% high energy conversion rate (compared to an industry average 13%)
  • Flexible PVC tubing for any application
  • 360 degree illumination direction

3. Outdoor Solar Spotlights (4 pack) – from InnoGear

Providing a different lighting experience and solution than our other top picks, these solar spotlights make ideal path lights and underlighting for any landscaping. Like most solar spot and path lights, these come as one complete unit with the solar panel attached. These outdoor solar lights from InnoGear are compact, inconspicuous, and low impact.

They are capable of 180 degree adjustment, so you can shine your bright light from earth to sky without a problem. These lights are completely wireless and easy to install – just simply push them into the ground and adjust the light to your liking! Check price

Best features

  • Wall mount kit
  • Quality warrantee guarantee
  • Multiple brightness settings

Final thoughts

When it comes to outdoor solar lights for trees, or any other outdoor application for that matter, you are armed with a wide array of options. Before buying solar lights for your own backyard, you’ll want to be sure to run through your solar checklist. It can seem difficult to track down the best outdoor solar lights at first. With the right information, however, you’ll have your backyard shining bright before you know it!

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