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Best Solar Lighting for Sheds in 2023

Solar lights prove to be the best solution for all outdoor lighting situations. Whether you are looking to illuminate your …

Solar lights prove to be the best solution for all outdoor lighting situations. Whether you are looking to illuminate your shed, garage, patio, or deck, an outdoor solar lighting system will likely cover all of your needs.

Solar shed lights are budget-friendly, efficient, effective, and easy to install. They truly are the ultimate lighting fix!

In this article, we’ll dive into all things related to solar lighting for sheds, including why you should buy them, how to find the best solar lights for you, and a review of our favorite options. It’s time to take a deeper look at solar powered lighting solutions for all your backyard needs.

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Why you should get solar shed lights

There is more than one reason to invest in a solar shed light setup. Not only will you save money through the efficiency generated by the solar panel and LED lights, but you’ll also love the convenience and easy installation. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons as to why you may want to switch to solar power for your shed lights.

Solar shed lights will save you money

Depending on your intended location for the lighting and light output needed, certain outdoor lighting solutions can be expensive. Considering that they require absolutely no wiring and start at a fairly low cost, solar shed lights are incredibly affordable. Check out our energy cost calculator to see how much you’re spending on your appliances!

You can generally expect solar shed lights to start at prices around $20 – $40. Not only are they affordable, but they are long lasting and efficient too. The LED lights used in most solar shed light setups provide for a consistent power source. The best part is that solar shed lights have a self-contained power source within the solar panels that they are connected to – meaning that you spend little to no money in electricity or maintenance.

Solar shed lights will save you time

Outside of their affordability, solar powered shed lights are incredibly easy to install. This contrasts starkly to the time you would have to invest to wire your shed for traditional lighting. Your solar shed light would come pre-wired with multiple brightness settings and options for setup. A traditional lighting kit for a shed or barn could take multiple days to set-up – not to mention the cost in wiring, cables, LED lights, and labor. In contrast, you could have your own solar powered light system up and running within a few minutes!

Solar shed lights are reliable  

One of the more appealing key features that homeowners find with solar powered shed lights is the reliability. They prove to be a reliable option for applications like sheds, remote cabins, or any other off-grid locations. Most solar shed light setups are made with durable and weather-resistant materials. Not only that, but since they are powered by sunlight, they prove to be a completely independent system. This means that even if the power goes out in your home, you’ll still have light with your solar powered setup.

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Solar shed lights are environmentally friendly

It goes without saying that by outfitting your shed with solar powered lights, you’ll be doing our environment a big favor. The solar panel or panels that your LED lights are connected to are powered by the sun. Once setup, your solar shed light will not only be reliable, but renewable too. Your independent solar shed light setup won’t draw power from industrial power plants or fossil fuels, it will be entirely renewable. It’s a great way to reduce your environmental impact across your outdoor applications.

How to figure out what solar shed light is best for you

When it comes to finding your own solar shed light setup, there are a few important factors and key features that you’ll want to consider. We’ll go over each of them briefly here so you know exactly what to lookout for when you decide to make the switch to a solar powered light system.

Durability and weatherproofing

As both the lights and solar panels will be outside, it’s incredibly important to prioritize high-quality durability in your solar shed light setup. Ideally your solar shed light system is constructed of durable ABS material. This would make it both wind resistant and water resistant.

It’s important to consider all the elements and seasons your shed light setup will go through – wind, rain, sun, snow, sleet, etc. Whether you plan on placing your solar powered light system on the roof, eve, or wall of the shed, high-quality ABS construction will ensure your setup withstands anything that comes it’s way.


Every shed is different, which means that every solar shed light setup will be different. To ensure that you are outfitting your shed with the best shed lights, it’s important to consider customization. This goes for both the installation and controllability in light options.

Depending on the design of your shed, you may want to choose a solar shed light setup that is facing solar south and able to capture the most sunlight. Similarly, the design of your shed may be better setup to have solar panels on the roof with the actual lighting kit connected below on the eve or wall of the shed.

You’ll also want to prioritize customization in the brightness of the light setup. Your system’s remote controller will allow you to change the brightness, sensitivity, and timer of the LED lights. Consider the frequency that you use the shed, the amount of time that you’d need light, and the angle at which you would need the light. A high-quality solar lighting kit would accommodate all of the above.


Solar panel setup

As we mentioned earlier, the design of all sheds are a little bit different. Before purchasing your light setup, you’ll want to take a look at the design of your shed and determine whether you have the space for solar panels or not. It should be mentioned that some solar shed lights come with the solar panel attached to the lights, in which case you wouldn’t have to worry about your shed’s roof.

Your setup’s solar panels will require roof space, access to direct sunlight, and adequate structural support. While the design of your shed roof should always be considered, the good news is that the solar panels that come with shed light setups are pretty small in size and easy to install.

Our best recommendations for solar shed lights

1. Anerbili Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

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This motion sensor light comes equipped with 3 different modes, ABS material, and top-rated motion sensor technology. Not only that, but it’s LED light bulbs are 2000 lumens strong – providing more than enough bright white light for all your shed lighting needs.

This lighting kit from Anerbili is ideal for sheds as it provides multiple options for brightness and timers with the motion sensors. Each lighting kit comes equipped with one solar panel. It’s easy to install and even simpler to operate – the ideal setup for all sheds. Check price.

Best features

·      Built-in smart PIR motion sensor

·      Flexible setup – ideal for eves and over-the-door lighting

·      Adjustable lighting angle

2. Yomisga Solar Pendant Lights (indoor/outdoor)

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This solar powered lighting kit is unique in that it can be setup both indoors and outdoors. It takes on the appearance of an overhead – almost chandelier like setup. Each LED light bulb is positioned on an adjustable arm so that you can angle the lighting wherever you need it most.

The Yomisga Solar Pendant Lights put out 1000 lumens of light – which is more than most indoor shed setups would ever need. This setup comes with one easy-to-install solar panel, a 16.5 foot long connector cable, and one 128-bulb lighting kit. It’s a fantastic solar lighting solution for any shed, patio, deck, or other indoor/outdoor application. Check price.

Best features

·      Indoor/outdoor customization

·      Adjustable light-arm setup

·      Easy-to-use remote controller

3. Ostweer Solar Outdoor Lights

product image

This self-contained solar panel and lighting setup may be the most versatile on our list. It provides up to 270 degree wide angle lighting with a built-in 2000mAh battery. Unlike the other options on our list, this setup’s solar panel isn’t connected with a cable. Instead, it’s attached to the top of the lighting setup much like you would see in traditional landscape solar lights. This simple and efficient design allows for an incredibly easy installation. The Ostweer Solar Outdoor Lighting Kit is best suited for wall-mounted setups where a wide angle of light is required. Check price.

Best features

·      Wide angle (270 degree) light

·      Simple setup and installation

·      Self-contained solar panel

4. HULPPRE Solar Shed Light

product image

The final recommendation on our list offers another pendent-style, chandelier like setup that is great for both outdoor and indoor use. Similar to the solar shed light from Yomisga, this lighting setup from HULPPRE comes with a single 5W solar panel, battery, and 4+1 lighting kit.

This solar shed light is designed to look similar to the overhead lights you would have in your home, allowing it to blend in wherever its intended location is. As it has a simple design, handy remote controller, and multiple lighting modes, it is an ideal setup for many indoor/outdoor applications. Check price.

Best features

·      Sleek and appealing design

·      Easy-to-use remote

·      Powerful 5W solar panel

Final thoughts

It can be a real hassle to have to wire your shed for lighting and install the light fixtures and bulbs. This is why utilizing solar power to light your shed, indoor or outdoor, is the best option.

Solar power proves to offer one of the most efficient energy sources; matched with LED lights and a convenient setup, there is really no way to beat the solar shed lighting solution. It can sometimes seem difficult to find the right solar lighting setup for your shed. However, with the right information and recommendations, you’ll have a lighting solution for your shed in no time!

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